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Gifty and Blessing joined Jane our CEO at the annual conference of the London Network of Nurses and Midwives on the South Bank on Friday 9th June to pick up their award for AB FAB team of the year.

The Rights Experience Advocacy and Change team – headed up by Gifty meets every other Friday to speak to our advocacy and change work and is made up of 10 mums who have journeyed with our project through their own experiences of immigration, no recourse to public funds, insecure accommodation and poor access to services.

Who better to sit on panels, join task and finish groups, collaborate with the media, and help those who wish to access their expertise with service design that is truly co-produced.

The team has agreed to concentrate on three main strands of work:
Equal enforceable standards for all housing – that includes temporary accommodation, private rented, Home office and Section 17 accommodation.
Equal treatment for all children no matter what status, and
Our stories, our solutions (we don’t want to tell our stories then other go away and make policy we want to be in on the change throughout).

We have already been busy feeding in to reports by Amnesty UK, Runnymead, Unicef, Shelter and other partners as well as being founding members of the Justlife Temporary Accommodation Action Group for Newham.

So here’s to you Gifty, Blessing and the REACH team for the brilliant work you do, and the change we will see happening for #AllOurChildren that will surely follow on from it.

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