Fundraising ideas

Set up a subscription

Some people choose to give a certain amount to charity each month with a direct debit. This makes it easy for us to budget, and simple for you to give. Get in touch and we will let you know how to go about it.

Hold an event

Bethan, Eedie and Suzy’s Jumble

Bethan, Eedie and Suzy decided to make us the beneficiary of their bric-a-brac and jumble stall at this year’s Forest Gate Jumble Trail. So kind of these young girls to think of those less fortunate while selling off their skirts, toys and roller skates. They gave us £15 of their profits  – which can get 5 families to our project on the bus.

Talah’s first birthday

Talah’s mum and dad decided that at one year old, she already had the ‘things’ she needed. So why not ask friends and family to celebrate her 365th day by donating to babies who have much much less. They are donating directly to our Justgiving page as we speak. Thank you Talah and family!

Claire, Nigel and Raphe’s naming ceremony

Claire and Nigel decided to get family and friends together to welcome their beautiful baby boy Raphe to the world. They shared their joy and love by collecting for less fortunate Newham born babies on the day. Read their story here.

Jan Porter’s Art Show

When Jan Porter decided to host an art show with local artists selling their work, she wanted to do something special to support others alongside showing beautiful paintings. So she decided to choose us as her charity of choice for the event. She raised a staggering £150 for us. Thank you Jan! Read about Jan’s Art show here. 

Inspired? Host a dinner, a picnic or a play-date with your mum friends and ask for a donation to give to us.

Get sponsored

  • why not sponsor your own baby’s first steps
  • sponsor your children’s first swimming length
  • Or train for that 5k you have been meaning to do?

Let us know what you are doing and we can provide forms, online publicity and blog your progress.