DONATIONS PAUSED:Due to our processes of clothes sorting and storing being overwhelmed, we are pausing donations of all clothes and equipment apart from buggies at present. Please check back in a few weeks to see what we are accepting.

Our work would not be possible without the help of our funders. With their financial support we’re able to reach more mums and help them when they need it most.

Our partners and funders – from trusts and foundations to corporate partners to community groups and individuals are so very important and integral to the work we do. So thank you all of you.

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Working to the future

We are very lucky in our funding at the moment. We have wonderful understanding and aware funders with whom we can have an open dialogue about the nature of the need that our mums and minis face.

At present we would love to find funding for:

  • Our graduation programme to help mothers move toward independence after their NRPF has been lifted.
  • Digital inclusion to help mums access wifi and computers so important for their social life, legal matters, education and benefits.
  • Community Cooking Clubs
  • ESOL and empowerment classes by and for migrant women
  • Creche workers to enable mums to engage fully in the support that we offer.

We can’t solve the housing crisis, but we believe in making sure that a stint in temporary accommodation does not cause permanent damage to the life chances of mums and minis going through it

Contact Amy

Amy Ross is our Chief Financial Officer, looking after all things money. From securing multi-year grants from top funders such as the National Lottery and Children in Need to making sure that our accounts and budgets are always on point.
If you want to talk about funding us, she is your first port of call.