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We were happy to be part of a Newsnight investigation aired this week on the health hazards of substandard accommodation for many children in the UK.

We spoke alongside others such as the Shared Health Foundation, Professor Monika Lakhanpaul, and a brave Magpie Mum in home office accommodation to bring to light this often hidden problem.

124,000 children are at risk. Shocking statistics of how we, as a rich developed country, are jeopardising the health of our children by failing to provide adequate housing in the private, public, home office and social services sectors.

On seeing this film Sir Peter Bottomley MP said

‘If someone can give transcript of this programme to the prime-ministers office tomorrow we can start working on this together’.

He also stated that

‘Governnment departments often need nudging by MPs and by Media and by Voluntary organistions.

I think that the result of this programme will be that government departments will work together both local and nationally and if in a year’s time we are down 20,000 rather than 120,000 we will have made significant progress’

Who’s up for some ‘nudging’? Talk to your friends about this, find homeless and migrant organisations in your local area to support, and write to your MP so that these ‘hidden homeless’ rise up the agenda.

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