Bethany Williams x The Magpie Project #AllOurChildren

A second collection with the Magpie Project from prize-winning designer Bethany Williams.

Bethany Williams has not been idle during lockdown she formed a collective of designers and makers to keep hospitals supplied with scrubs during the height of the crisis. 

She also took the time to volunteer with us at the Magpie Project packing boxes, craft bags, equipment, food, and clothes for our locked down mums and minis.

Now she is thinking about her next collection. And we are delighted to say that after the incredible success of her collection #NRPF. She has decided to look to our children and mothers, and now to you all too, for inspiration for her next project. 



New Collection, Needs You!

Bethany Williams menswear designer, and entrepreneur’s new project is an exploration of the role that clothes and fabrics play in making up and making sense of our personal histories, childhood memories, and sense of self – of family either that we are born in to or that we choose.

She would like us to all be a part of her next collection, and to help collect the research for the design process.

Here’s How

Find a photograph of yourself as a child, or a member of your chosen family, wearing a beloved outfit. Or get hold of a photo of the clothes you love dressing your own child in.

Attach it to an email and send it to:

In the body of the email answer the following.

  1. Describe the details your of this outfit. What material is is made of? Who bought or made it for you? What date/year is the photo from?

2. What does this outfit mean to you? How did you feel when you wore it? Did you wear it for a special occassion?

3. What memories or hopes does this outfit evoke that you would like to share with the next generation?

4. Would you be happy for us to use this image publicly Yes/No

If No, we will keep your photograph private in our research collection only to assist with the design and development process.

A celebration

Bethany will be staging her show in September and would like to know, too, whether you have an specific food memories from childhood. A dish that your carer or parent used to make. 

If so share that with us too, so that we can see if we can cater to all our memories in the show celebration.

Be part of something incredible, dig out those photos today…..





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