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We were a bit taken aback and incredibly honoured to be asked to give evidence to the the House of Lords committee on Covid Recovery on Tuesday April 20th 2021.

We asked, as we always do, whether we could bring a mum who experienced the crisis first hand to speak, and on this occassion it was unfortunately a no, so instead we sent out a quick survey to find out what our mums’ main concerns were, and what they wanted policy makers to know.
Some 67 people answered, and we fed in the results to our oral evidence to the committee. Read our survey results here.
Mums were concerned about their own mental health, about the physical and emotional development of their children, and about poor housing conditions and poverty.
Their asks were:

  • An end to the hostile environment which is keeping their children in poverty,
  • The right to work,
  • Affordable childcare so that single parents can work,
  • Better provision of children’s centres and early years.

We also wanted to recognise and laud the efforts that Newham Council and Public Health England made during the crisis in Newham under the leadership of Mayor Fiaz. So we asked for their input too. Read about how Newham worked with the third sector and community and faith groups to make sure nobody was left behind in the crisis.

Watch our evidence to the house of Lords

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