DONATIONS PAUSED:Due to our processes of clothes sorting and storing being overwhelmed, we are pausing donations of all clothes and equipment apart from buggies at present. Please check back in a few weeks to see what we are accepting.

Please note we are closed for the summer holidays.

We will not be taking any new referrals until September 6th 2023.

If you wish to fill in the form please go ahead but understand that there will be no services over the summer break.

If you would like someone to call the mum and invite her to attend please make that clear in your notes.
Please bear in mind that if a family needs housing advice it may be quicker and easier to refer them directly to an organisation such as Shelter as they provide all our housing advice.

For money or debt advice please consider referring to Our Newham Money in Newham or Citizens’ Advice.
Please do not PROMISE that we will be able to solve problems as this raises expectations which is upsetting if we cannot meet them.
Feel free to suggest a mum comes directly to our drop in on a Monday or Wednesday during term time if she meets the criteria, we will then have a chat and decide with her how we can help support her.

Please feel free to refer a family to us if:

  • They have a child under school age, and
  • They do not have an income through universal credit or work coming into the household.

    please note we do not charge mums a fee for any of our services, and we never will.