Please note: We do not operate a service in August. If you refer to us now we will not take up the referral until September and our first session will be September 12th.


Are you a professional working in Newham or surrounding borough dealing with a family in need? If the family has under-fives facing housing issues, you can refer them to us for additional support. 

We take referrals from RAMP, GPs, health visitors, social workers, housing officers, ESOL teachers, family support workers, social prescribers, other charity workers.

Please note that this is, at present, a women-only project.

There is no need to fill in a form – simply send mums to to the project, term times only, from 10am on a Monday or a Wednesday. Ask them to say that they are new on the front desk and someone will come for a chat.

If a mum cannot get to us, please fill in this quick form and we will try to contact her within 5 days.

Please understand that each family will be assessed according to need on arrival and a support package and timescale agreed. Because so many families in Newham are struggling – more than 1 in four – we are unable to offer a full support package to those who have access to benefits.

Please, when referring, do not raise expectations that we then have to disappoint.

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