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Proof of address is something that proves where you live. It’s generally a document from a trusted source that has recently been sent to your home address.

“Proof of address is very challenging, especially when you’ve just got status. You’re probably not in accommodation yet so haven’t had any bills or anything. You might have to wait for a bill. One bank accepted a housing letter but not all banks would accept that.”

“Try and find your old letters. You never know when you will need them. Don’t throw away important papers (anything that can prove who you are and what you’ve been up to) and keep them somewhere. I needed proof of address for the past 5 years. Imagine if I was throwing things away. Keep letters for hospital appointments and from school etc.”

Magpie Mums say:

Government-issued letters

Council Tax

Council tax is the local tax which helps councils pay for the services they provide. Once you become a tenant in a property, you will most likely be required to pay council tax. Once you set up payments for council tax, your local council will send letters confirming your council tax information. Find out more about council tax in Newham here.

Marriage or civil partnership certificate

If you have married or registered your civil partnership in the UK, you can use the marriage certificate or the civil partnership schedule as proof of address.

Benefits statements

Once you apply for universal credit or any other type of benefit, you will receive letters confirming your application and follow-on communication.

Departments for Works & Pensions (DWP)

You can use any letters received from the services that the DWP oversees (like Pension Service, Jobcenter Plus, Child Support Agency, or Carers and disability benefits).

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Any letters from HMRC can be used as proof of address. For example, HMRC would send you a letter if you start a job (with your tax information), or if you are receiving tax credits.

Company-issued letters

Utility Bills

You can use bills for household utilities, including gas, electricity, water, or a landline phone, as proof of address. Please note that mobile phone bills are not accepted as proof of address.

TV License

A TV licence gives you and anyone living at your address legal permission to watch and record live TV. You can use your TV licence for the current year as proof of address.

Tenancy Agreement

If you are renting a property, you can use your tenancy agreement as proof of address, as long as it is issued for the current year.

Bank Statements

Statements are typically accepted from banks, credit unions and building societies. This can also be a statement from an online bank; however, it should include the bank details on the heading.

Insurance Certificate

Certificates of house, health or motor insurance can be used as proof of address.

Remember to always use printed bills and statements which are not older than 3 months