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Watch this enchanting example of what Louise does with our mums and minis. Film by

Dance artist in residence: Louise Klarnett

With the support of Dance Art Foundation Louise Klarnett works with our young children to engage in movement. Her techniques are based in a deep understanding of how trauma affects the body and how movement can unlock both wellbeing and enhanced core strength, development and mood regulation.

Dance during lockdown

On lockdown we looked for ways to keep the connection between Louise and our mums and minis alive. We came up with the idea of eight films that Louise would gift to the mums, one week, as invitations to move and remember how we danced when we were together.

We sent out socks, a phone holder and a feather to every mum and mini so that they could set the scene for these videos at home.

Here’s how our mums received the videos.

It made me feel free and one with nature.

You see birds outside and you take it for granted, playing with the feather reminded me of birds and that I have not been out.’

Magpie Mum.

If you would be interested in funding her work with our vulnerable mums and minis please get in touch.