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Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Monica Secretan, who has run 250 miles to raise money for the mums and minis at the Magpie Project!

She set out to raise £4,040.40 for the project in her fortieth year, over a series of forty 10km runs.

Monica planned to spend her year as #RunnningMum40 competing in races across London, and could have been forgiven for ending her challenge when Lockdown began – having already raised lots of money.

Instead she pushed on with more solo runs and absolutely smashed her target, raising a whopping £5000!

We could not be more impressed and grateful.

For all the clean bums, full tums and happy mums…


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Trustee Vacancies

We are a fast-growing, wave-making, award-winning East London charity for mums with children under 5 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Everything we do stems from a daily, hourly, conversation and collaboration with our mums and minis. Our power-sharing and co-design is central to who we are, and what we do. Given our … Continue reading

CEO occassional blog.

Q. When is a table not a table? A. When it is the expression of institutional power and professional entitlement. This is a love letter to our mums and minis, it is an open question to the brilliant architects and designers we know at MUF architecture and AHMM. (Oh and It is also a plea … Continue reading

Covid Response Report

Dr Laura Batatota researched and documented our Covid Response. Read highlights or her report, or download the whole thing below. Download and read the full report here.


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