DONATIONS PAUSED:Due to our processes of clothes sorting and storing being overwhelmed, we are pausing donations of all clothes and equipment apart from buggies at present. Please check back in a few weeks to see what we are accepting.

Celebrating a special boy, by sharing the love

“We used our son’s Welcoming Party to raise funds and spread awareness of the Magpie Project. I wanted to use this joyous occasion –  celebrating the life of a very loved child – to remember that love is something deserved by every child. 
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we are incredibly lucky to have that strong foundation on which we can build and grow as parents. Through the generosity and support of family and friends, we are able to give our son, not only practical things needed for his development, but also our time and attention – free from worry, we are able to be present and loving with him and show him that the world wants him in it. 
The Magpie Project is a fantastic charity that strives to ensure that children and parents living in precarious or unstable circumstances do not miss out on this. Parents are given a stress-free environment in which they can fully give their time to their children and laugh and play, or alternatively know that their children are being looked after by dedicated play workers while they talk with local professional in order to improve their circumstances.
This charity embodies everything that we want for our son and what we would like to help the Magpie Project to contribute towards the lives of other children. We look forward to doing further fundraising for this wonderful organisation!”