We are here to help, to chat, to partner, to gratefully receive donations. Just pick the person you need to talk to and get in touch.

Telephone: 07561180825

Email contacts

Volunteering: Sam.Ward@themagpieproject.org
Play: Hannah.Duthie@themagpieproject.org
Casework/referrals: Jules.Robertson@themagpieproject.org
Graduation pathways: Marcia.Thompson@themagpieproject.org
Policy/ partnerships/press: Jane.Williams@themagpieproject.org
Funding/Finances: Amy.Ross@themagpieproject.org

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The Magpie Project

The Lodge
Forest Lane Park
Magpie Close
Forest Lane
E7 9DF

Mondays and Wednesdays
10am to 2pm

Please note that we currently operate only in term times