Charlie Gilmour supports The Magpie Project on the launch of his book “Featherhood”

Writer Charlie Gilmour is supporting our families on the launch of his book Featherhood.
His book is a unique, affecting and beautiful memoir and exploration of parenthood, childhood trauma, and rescuing a baby bird.

Alongside Newham Bookshop, he is offering a signed copy of his book and picture signed by him, his mother Polly Samson and his stepfather David Gilmour for auction to raise funds for our work.

Why the Magpie Project?

Magpies construct their homes alongside ours, within sight but just out of reach. A magpie city superimposed on our own.

Charlie Gilmour, Featherhood

Many people are unaware of the plight and suffering and potential lifelong price paid by children brought up in destitution, in insecure, overcrowded, inadequate housing. These children are unseen by most of us even though they are in every London school class, we walk past them on the street, in the park, and they live in horrible converted office blocks, overcrowded HMOs and dank windowless rooms behind the very shops we frequent and on the streets that are familiar to us all.

Our project wants to ensure that, in this part of London at least, no child falls through the net, no matter what the circumstances, immigration status, housing rights of their parents we believe that #AllOurChildren must be embraced by their community to thrive. Find out more about our work.


We have 5 signed books for you to win at auction. Each one will be accompanied by a photograph signed not only by Charlie Gilmour but by his mother the esteemed author Polly Samson, and Charlie’s step father, Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour.

These photos are exclusive to The Magpie Project. You will not get one anywhere else.

How to enter the blind auction. Fill in the form and press ENTER BID below.



  1. Bids are open now and close at noon (BST) on Thursday 3rd September.
  2. Please put your bids in to the form below and submit. We will send you a confirmation that your offer has been received.
  3. You can bid as many times as you like. (We are expecting many bids to be in 3 figures from the start, so consider that when you place your bid).
  4. You will not know what other people have bid, so be bold!
  5. You will be informed by email on 3rd September if you have one of the five winning bids.
  6. We will send details of where to pay, and when we receive payment we will send you your signed book and signed photo. Postage to the UK will be free courtesy of Newham Bookshop. If you live outside the UK we will negotiate postage fees.
  7. You will have 48 hours to respond and pay. After that, you will lose your bid and we will move on to the next highest bidder (please keep an eye on your email).
  8. The decisions of the charity are final.
  9. 100% of your bid will go to supporting mums and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. (Photos and books have been donated by Charlie Gilmour, postage and packing in the UK by Newham Bookshop).


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