Come and join our team!

We are lucky enough to have gained some funding for some much needed family support in our project.

If you know about us, we are committed to supporting our wonderful community of mums of under fives experiencing homelessness. We do this by walking alongside, by active listening, by believing them, by seeing the whole person not just a “problem”.

This takes more time, it takes more effort, it takes more emotional energy than acting as a traditional “case worker”. Because it is led by each individual, we are not prescriptive about what “better” will look like.

We insist our staff and volunteers act with empathy, compassion and do not allow judgement to creep in to their work.

We make sure that your environment is always welcoming, trauma informed and supportive no matter what stage of their journey mums are at when they walk in the door.

Basically, if you don’t really care, if you just want to go to the work for the money, that is fine, but please don’t apply for this job.

If you feel like either of these roles would suit you – and you have the energy and passion to throw at it – please get in touch about one of two roles we are looking to fill.

Family Support Manager

In this role, now 3.5 days a week, 11 months a year. You will embody the welcome, empathy, listening, boundaried professionalism that is our ethos.

You will assess incoming mothers and be decisive in how to work with them to gain the right professional, social and practical help.

You will understand that you will not necessarily be trusted immediately, the lived stories may take time to emerge, and that we all live complex and tangled lives.

You will have the chance to head up a team of volunteers and students to create a top class all round offer of support with the help of our partner organisations such as Shelter, London Black Women’s Project, Health Visitors, Local Third Sector Partners.

This is not a ‘first job” so please don’t apply if you don’t already have experience of supporting complex families.

Download below form for job description and details on how to apply.

Graduation Manager

This role is 1.5 days a week for 11 months a year.

We are great at welcoming families, we are great at serving families to get to where they need to be, up until now we have not been too orderly in graduating families out of the project.

When they have their ducks in a row, when they are ready to take the next steps in to independent housing, the world of work or education – this is where the graduation manager will come in.

You will work with each family who is coming out of crisis to map their next steps. Through applying for universal credit, to finding suitable housing, to deciding on training, apprenticeships, volunteering, or work opportunities.

We have wonderful partners such as BEAM, Community Links, and Workplace Newham who can help our mums on this journey. And all of these will be at your fingertips when helping families move on.

This is not a ‘first job” so please don’t take up your very important time in applying if you don’t already have experience of supporting complex families.

Press link below to download job description and details on how to apply.

Deadline for applications Monday June 15th.



  hours  minutes  seconds


Hurry get your application in.

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